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Purchasing timeshare is like buying a share of any other real estate. The purchaser becomes a registered legal owner of the property and has a certificate of title to prove it. - We have a current promotion offering one bedroom apartments for sale at $1000 which includes the legal fees and the levies for 2020 pre-paid.

Purchases are made in units of ‘one week’ and each owner owns the right to use their week each year. There is a management agreement which says that all repairs, maintenance and operating costs are paid by way of an annual levy. Other than the annual levy (plus very occasionally a special levy for extraordinary expenses) there are no other costs associated with ownership.

There is a pooling agreement which adds flexibility to your ownership. The pooling agreement applies to most weeks in the year (Floating weeks) and means that you are not restricted to use your week at the resort on the same dates every year.

You can use the timeshare week yourself, let your family or friends use it, rent it out, or ‘exchange’ your week for another timeshare resort in New Zealand or elsewhere in the world. You can exchange your ‘week’ using one  of the organisations - RCI and/or DAE.

Membership in RCI & DAE timeshare and similar exchange companies gives you control over your holiday ownership experience. You may own a NZ timeshare, but you have the ability to travel to thousands of resorts worldwide within each individual exchange company’s affiliate system. Spend your precious time discovering new places not wasting it scouring the web for timeshare exchange company information and website links.

What am I getting at Busby?

Busby Manor Resort is located in a prime position on the ‘Paihia Waterfront’ adjacent to the historical stone church St Paul's.

The resort comprises of:

10 one bedroom apartments, 7 two bedroom apartments and one luxury two bedroom apartment.

All apartments have a fully equipped kitchen. Laundry facilities are shared.

What are the specifics?

The annual maintenance fee is a fee set by a committee of elected owners and ratified at an annual general meeting. This will be then payable by each owner for the coming year due in February, once this levy has been paid, the owner will have a new entitlement per timeshare. 

From time to time, levies can include a one off additional payment to upgrade the resort or some such large imbursement. At this time, no additional levies are envisaged as ongoing maintenance and refurbishment of units are being undertaken in the near future.

Each apartment at Busby Manor is sold to 51 owners in units of ‘one week’. Weeks are numbered 1 through to 52 based on the calendar year (Friday to Friday) with one week set aside for maintenance.

There are two types of weeks:

Fixed Week: These are weeks over the Christmas/New Year period. Each year, owners of these weeks use the specific apartment number and week number which they own.

Floating Week: The remaining weeks (approx. 48) are called ‘Floating weeks’. Although the legal ownership is for a specific apartment and ‘week’ number, the owner has the flexibility of using their week any time of the year outside of the fixed weeks. Bookings for the floating weeks can be reserved up to 32 weeks in advance.

The Costs

Purchasing timeshare weeks at Busby Manor Resort is currently very affordable. Prices are negotiated between buyer and seller. Legal fees and a nominal administration fee are typically included in the purchase cost.

2020 Annual Maintenance Fee

One Bedroom Unit $725

Two Bedroom Unit $850

Executive Suite $1030

For more information and enquiries regarding purchasing at Busby Manor contact the Resort:


Phone: +64 9 402 7526

What's on offer at Busby Manor