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The Resort is currently closed  and  are scheduled to re-open on 22nd May 2020. Booking may be made by contacting the Resort or booking from our website. 

Our current 1 bedroom apartment promotion allows for Ownership at Busby Manor Resort  and a holiday in the Bay of Islands for just $1000 with legal fees paid and no levies to pay until 2021.

Levies for 2020 were GST exclusive as we de-registered the Body Corporate for GST in late 2019.  For the third year running our levies were held and did not  increase. 

We do not anticipate any special levies in the future.  2020  levies were as follows: One bedroom apartment $725,Two bedroom apartment $850 & Executive  Suite $1030.


If you have a current request placed with DAE it will no longer be in the system You will need to check current availability with DAE make a booking to use your entitlement for 2020. Details below are as they appear on DAE website and do not relate to your weeks at Busby. This content is provided for the information of Owners who have spacebanks with DAE.

Starting on May 11th, 2020, we are suspending custom match requests for start dates until December 2020 which will allow our members who want to vacation, to select from inventory that has recently opened up in 2020 and 2021. All existing requests during this period have been canceled, so inventory is instantly available for members who are looking to vacation again. This new enhancement is intended to remove barriers and provide additional options for you to find the best destination and vacation option to fit your preferences, at the right time of year. We anticipate relaunching the new enhanced custom match benefit in December 2020, subject to change. Please note that to the extent you previously submitted a request that has yet to be fulfilled, this new change means that absent a change in circumstances, your prior match request will not be fulfilled during this time. However, we invite you to visit or call us today to review inventory options.DAE - Local Resort Disclaimer
As a reminder, this is a fluid situation with government authorities continuously updating guidance and restrictions continuously, which could further impact your travel plans. If you have specific questions please contact the resort directly prior to booking.