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Paihia accommodation apartments in the Bay of Islands part holiday ownership

As per our pooling agreement bookings may be confirmed up to 32 weeks in advance. Reservations may be made further into the future and will be confirmed 32 weeks prior. 

Spacebanks are still available for 2023 with RCI and & 7Across.

If you do not wish to spacebank you can extend unused  entitlement for 2023 to 2024 on payment of a $100 extension fee.

2024 Levies are as follows: 1 bedroom  $725, 2 bedroom apartment $925 & Executive Suite $1200.

Our current 1 bedroom floating week apartment promotion allows for Ownership at Busby Manor Resort  and a holiday in the Bay of Islands for $0 with legal fees paid and no levies to pay until 2024. 

The following fixed weeks are for sale

Apartment Type Week  Apartment        Price       Legal fees
One Bedroom G Fixed Week 3 $2,500 Paid by Seller
One Bedroom C Fixed Week 4 $2,500 Paid by Seller
One Bedroom L Fixed Week 4 $3,000 Paid by Seller

Two Bedroom Suite 

R Floating  `$3,000 Paid by Seller
Two Bedroom  various Floating  $925 Paid by Seller